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Bridge is a digital agency in Ghana that specializes in software development, branding and digital marketing. We are partnering with various Ghanaian businesses from various industries such as fashion, manufacturing and service providers to present a holistic and all new experience unlike any other provided in Ghana and Africa at large.
Your quest for software development services and/or digital marketers in Ghana probably led you here and we at Bridge are glad to tell you, your tiring and unending quest ends here. We are a young team of programmers, designers, photographers, SEO specialists and social media strategists who will take your company’s branding and digital marketing needs into our building workshop and our only promise is to handle your company needs as if it were our own.
Bridge is a network of friends with backgrounds in Management Information Systems and Computer Science from Ashesi University College whose core values are honesty, integrity and a ridiculous work ethic. We emphasize a customer focused approach in all our services and we want to build connections with clients as strong as the bond we have in our team.What are you waiting for? Contact us today let’s take you and your business across our Bridge. We promise, life is better on the other side.


Our main mission at Bridge is to move Africa towards a more technological era. We hope to promote the use of technology in all sectors be it agriculture, business, entertainment among many others. Our strategy for achieving this is to analyze business structures, pin point where they might be lacking and see how we can improve them using various technologies.


We see ourselves being a leading tech giant in Africa, and the world, in the years to come. We hope to become a hub for solutions of all sorts. We will become the "Bridge" on which businesses and people can travel, knowing that when they reach the other side they will find their solution and improve their business.


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We’d love to have you travel on our BRIDGE.
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